Inspiration Saturday: Button, button, who’s got the button?

Last Saturday, I made a mad dash to my mother’s house in Alabama, over and back in the same day. It’s only a three-hour drive, so the trip wasn’t as arduous as one might think, but my brother was visiting from Arkansas, and if I wanted to see him at any time in the next year, it was imperative to go. I couldn’t stay more than the day because everyone else was coming to my house in Georgia for Christmas Day and I still had cooking and cleaning to do.

The other reason for the mad dash was to trade sewing machines with my mother. She picked up a used electronic Singer for a song, along with a bunch of notions and sewing accessories, with the intention of giving the machine to my niece so she could learn to sew. Then Mom decided the electronic machine was too complicated for a child to learn on, so I traded my trusty non-electronic, completely mechanical, heavy-duty, suitable-for-a-beginner machine and its accessories for the Singer and its accoutrements.

Button ButtonAmong those accoutrements were hundreds and hundreds of buttons: coat buttons, dress buttons, shirt buttons; mostly plain, serviceable, ordinary, every-day-type buttons, but some were just fabulous. I’ve spent the majority of today sorting through them and putting like buttons together for easy use, and I’m still not done. But I took the time to photograph some of the most beautiful.

And here they are:

More Embossed Buttons

Embossed Gold Buttons

Embossed Antique Brass Buttons

Three Beautiful Buttons

You see that tortoise shell button in the above picture? Here’s a closer look.

Tortoise Shell Button 1

I fell madly in love with that button and determined I had to use it right away. I even knew which stashed yarn needed it: the Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in Light Brown. Just look at this. This button and that colorway were meant for each other.

Light Brown Tweed Sweater to Be

Wildflower Cardigan

Photograph © Hannah Fettig and Alana Dakos

But what pattern? A quick search through my library, thanks to Ravelry‘s filtering software, resulted in a match made in heaven: the Wildflower Cardigan by Alana Dakos from the book Coastal Knits.

This cardigan calls for three buttons. Naturally, there’s only one of the lovely button that demands to be used right now. But the newly-acquired button stash contains several plain gold buttons that will work with the tortoise shell, and I’ve found one other plain tortoise shell-like button that will work as well. If I get lucky, I’ll find another plain tortoise shell-like button, so everything will be coordinated AND trendy with the slightly mismatched buttons.

But that’s not all. Remember a few weeks ago when I had that horrible bout of cast-on-itis? I’ve managed to overcome the urge for the most part, and I still haven’t started using that gorgeous Pomegranate Sweater to BeSchaefer Chris in Pomegranate that had been calling me so loudly, mainly because I’m still uncertain of the cardigan pattern it wants. The good news is whatever cardigan the yarn ultimately becomes, the buttons will also be ready!

Yes, those slightly off-red buttons were also part of the embarrassing abundance of button riches that came with the sewing machine. The color isn’t a perfect match for the yarn; it’s ever-so-slightly orange-ish, which I think makes a nice contrast, but the iridescence of the buttons picks up and reflects the red-burgundy of the yarn. At least, that’s how it appears indoors under incandescent light. I need to take both yarn and buttons outdoors and check them in natural light to make sure. Regardless, now I don’t really have any excuse for not getting started. Except for finding the right pattern, of course. Which is why I’ll make the brown cardigan with the tortoise shell button first, as soon as I finish the Wanderer Scarf.

Buttons! Oh, how I love buttons.


7 thoughts on “Inspiration Saturday: Button, button, who’s got the button?

  1. OOhhh, I’m envious. I love buttons, too. I’ll even buy something just to get the buttons! Just the other day, I bought a sweater at the Great American Thrift Store for the three hand-made buttons! Happy New Year’s!


  2. Oooh, those buttons are truly lovely! I think all your yarn/button combos are spot on. The red is just different enough from the pink and I think the tortoise plus plain gold would do nicely.


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