WIP Wednesday: New Year, new project

© Alana Dakos/NNK press 2013

For weeks, I’ve been dithering about what pattern to use for the stashed Schaefer Chris yarn that’s been screaming my name. I finally found it, started knitting, and miraculously, the yarn stopped shouting at me.

I think finding the buttons acted as a catalyst for finding the pattern.

That, plus Ravelry‘s amazing search filters.

Buds and Blooms 1So, what’s the pattern, you may ask? I’ll tell you. It’s “Buds and Blooms” by Alana Dakos, and it’s from her fabulous book, Botanical Knits. If you click on that photo there in the upper right, you’ll be taken to the Ravelry pattern page where you can see more photos of this pattern. Take a look at the picture of the back. *swoon*

I swatched and started the knitting Monday evening, so progress is minimal at this point. As you can see here, I’m not much past the ribbing on the back of the cardigan, and have barely begun the twining vine and flowers chart for that gorgeous back panel.

If you’re wondering why I started this cardigan instead of the Wildflower Cardigan I mentioned in the last post, well, I discovered I didn’t have a needle in the right size. And I hate for my hands to be idle while I’m waiting for the local yarn store to get my order in, so… Yeah. But it’s a fortuitous detour and one I’m happy to make.

ab2a5-tami_wipEspecially because the voice of that pomegranate-colored yarn is no longer keeping me awake at night.

This post is part of the WIP Wednesday Round-Up. Click that badge over there to see what other folks have on their needles and hooks this week.

And Happy New Year!


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