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WIP Wednesday: Buds and Blooms progress

100_3534It’s been a bit busy around here. First I went to California for a few days and had a lovely time with my girlfriends at our annual slumber party. On the plane ride home, I caught a cold, which promptly dived into my lungs and became severe bronchitis, so I’ve been home sick, coughing and sneezing and hacking and wheezing, for more than a week. Then yesterday, Snowmageddon hit the Atlanta metro area and my office called to say don’t bother about coming back to work today as planned because the federal government is closing due to weather. I got a Facebook notice from a work colleague about an hour ago that we’re closed tomorrow as well.
Georgia Is Closed

Normally, this sort of unscheduled time off work doesn’t bother me much, but our technical training class resumes next week. I’ve missed more than a week of prep time, not to mention rehearsals, and now all my co-instructors will be out as well, which does not bode well for our scheduled broadcast Monday morning.

I wonder if the broadcast will be postponed a day or two because of our absence from the studio… Well, that’s not my decision. Whatever happens, we’ll muddle through.

What I can tell you, however, is all this time off has resulted in the Buds & Blooms cardigan being nearly done. I’m finishing up the last bit of knitting on the collar, then the seaming and sewing on of buttons can commence. Take a look:

Buds and Blooms 7

Isn’t that just lovely?

The instructions for this cardigan say to block after assembly. I hate seaming unblocked pieces, so I went ahead and blocked the back, fronts and sleeves before adding the button bands to the fronts, seaming the shoulders and picking up the collar. ab2a5-tami_wipThere’s a bit of a pucker from the unblocked yarn on the button bands, but a light reblocking after final assembly should take care of that.

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