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This year’s Stitches bounty

Pictures speak for themselves. 🙂

Tyche 1
A Hundred Ravens “Tyche” in colorway London. 400 yds fingering weight, 100% superwash merino. Most likely destined for a crescent shawl. But could possibly become socks.

Tarte 2
Miss Babs “Tarte” in colorway Perfectly Wreckless. 500 yds fingering weight, 75% superwash merino/15% nylon/10% tencel. Such a bright colorway should probably become some highly visible accessory.

Kilimanjaro 1
Miss Babs “Kilimanjaro” in colorway Zombie Prom. 875 yds fingering weight, 85% superwash Blue Face Leicester/15% nylon. With so much yardage, I’m thinking maybe a vest or shrug, or possibly a lacy cardigan.

Eidos 2
The Verdant Gryphon “Eidos” in colorway Rivalin and Blanchefleur. 420 yds fingering weight, 100% superwash merino. This subtle colorway is perfect for a delicate evening-type lace shawl.

Nuna 1
A bag (10 skeins) of Mirasol “Nuna” in colorway 1034 Camel. Each skein 191 yds sport weight, 40% merino/40% silk/20% bamboo. A sweater quantity of yarn, definitely destined for a cardigan or pullover. Just look how the silk shimmers!

Stitches Booty 1
All the yarn booty. Except, of course, the yarn that I won, which is below.

Cowgirl Bandana 1
The Buffalo Wool Co “Tracks”, 1 400-yd skein in colorway Deep Turquoise, 2 200-yd skeins in colorway Natural. Fingering weight, 90% superwash merino/10% bison down.

And then there are the buttons:

Vintage Mother of Pearl Buttons
Vintage mother-of-pearl, approx 1″ in diameter. And when I say “vintage”, I mean each of these buttons is over 100 years old. Yes, I paid through the nose for them. But they were worth every penny. Even though I haven’t the faintest idea what pattern will be worthy of them.

Red Marble Buttons
Fun resin buttons, each about 9/16″ in diameter. I have a gorgeous red silk yarn that will work with these beauties.

Orange Blossom Buttons
More resin buttons, each about 3/4″ in diameter. They seem somewhat Asian in theme, so maybe they can go on a kimono-style jacket. I’ll have to shop the stash carefully, because I’m not sure I have the right yarn for them.

I took $240 with me to market. Out of that, I spent maybe $15 on lunch, and the rest went to yarn and buttons. I exceeded my self-imposed budget by less than $50, and only because I had to have those mother-of-pearl buttons. All in all, a very good year!

By the way, I told spouse he should consider himself very lucky, because the woman sitting next to me at the student banquet said she spent over $3,000 in the market, and she still wasn’t done shopping. Oy.


Mild mannered government employee, fiendishly obsessed with yarn, books, and Doctor Who, much to her husband's chagrin.

4 thoughts on “This year’s Stitches bounty

    1. This kind of yarn shopping is a once-a-year indulgence. You should go to Stitches West next year. It’s the biggest of the Stitches shows, so the market is probably spectacular!


    1. Thanks! And I know, it boggles the mind, doesn’t it? I spent over $1000 the year I won the grand prize, but $750 of that was their money, not mine. I wrote about that here, if you’re interested…


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