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WIP Wednesday: Tunisian tidbits

Mom's Tunisian 9
Five squares done. Well, technically, they’re rectangles, but I’m not going to argue semantics here. There’s not a chance in hell this blanket will be finished for Mother’s Day. Or for Memorial Day, either, which is the next time we’re planning to visit Alabama. I have to make 63 of these frakkin’ squares! And then sew them together and cross-stitch all over them. Wait, cross-stitch, then sew. Regardless…Mom, count yourself lucky if you get this by your birthday in November. Yes, I owe you a margarita. Several margaritas, in fact. Because this:

Margaritas for Mom

5 down, 43 to go, but I’m not tired of making these little squares yet, so no further progress has been made on the Wildflower Cardigan. We’ll see how things go in the next week.

ab2a5-tami_wipThis post is part of the WIP Wednesday round-up, hosted by Tami’s Amis. Click the badge over there to see the progress other folks have made this week.


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