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5KCBWDay2 (Blog Week Day 2) — Dating Profile

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Blog prompt: Write a dating profile for one of your projects.

Hi! We’re The Avatars of They!

Avatars 4

Green Avatar: We’re a year old and, although we may not look it, we’re twins! We were created because one of avanta’s friends, who’s a huge They Might Be Giants fan, asked for us.

Blue Avatar: And we’re loco.

Green: Hush, this is a dating profile, Blue, we’re trying to find dates. You don’t get a date by telling people you’re loco.

Blue: But we are. We even have a video that says so.

Green: Okay, so now that our secret identities as rock stars are out there in our dating profile, we might as well tell you we’re not looking for a long-term commitment.

Blue: Nope, our touring schedule won’t allow that. Plus our usual method of travel involves being packed in a suitcase, so there’s limited space for significant others to come along.

Green: We like music…

Blue: Obviously.

Green: And sushi, and orange juice, and traveling…

Blue: And waxed paper cups for hats. Where is my hat, by the way? Have you seen it?

Avatars 2

Green: Nope.

Blue: Are you sure?

Green: Yes. Now hush up about the hat. Let’s finish our profile.


Green: Stop sulking. Okay, so we don’t like sticking around in one place for long.

Blue: And we don’t really like having people’s hands stuck up our…

Green: Blue!

Blue: Well, we don’t. But it’s a necessary evil. Because otherwise, we look like this.

Avatars 5

Green: Anyway, we’re looking for dates who are willing to overlook the handlers that come along with us everywhere. And who don’t mind our itinerary and infrequent visits to your town.

Blue: So if you like the rock-n-roll lifestyle and are emotionally equipped to handle one-night stands with Avatars who love you one night and leave you the next, email us!

Green: We promise to respond the next time we’re scheduled to appear within 100 miles of your location.

Bwahahahhaha!!! That's a good one!
Bwahahahhaha!!! That’s a good one!


Mild mannered government employee and part-time actor, fiendishly obsessed with yarn, books, and Doctor Who, much to her husband's chagrin.

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