R.I.P. 11 –The Plan

It’s that time of year again.  Carl over at Stainless Steel Droppings is hosting the 11th annual community reading event, R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril, where readers everywhere promise to dive into mysteries, thrillers, SF, and horror, from September 1 through October 31, just in time for the change of season.  This is my favorite reading challenge of the year.  Go check out the sign-up post for more info.

RIP 9 Peril of the Short Story

This year, I’ll pull out that mega-sized volume of Bradbury Stories for the Peril of the Short Story Challenge.  There are 100 stories in this collection, so I won’t get through all of them.  One per day will be my goal.

RIP 9 Peril on the Screen

Peril on the Screen is one of my favorite challenges, and this year I’ve got plenty of movies already on the DVR waiting to be seen.  For certain, I’ll watch Nathan Fillion in the 2006 remake of Slither;  the 1941 classic The Maltese Falcon, featuring Humphrey Bogart, is a must-see; and there are a couple of B-movies, The Killer Shrews and The Black Scorpion, that I can hardly wait to laugh at.  As for TV, The Walking Dead will return one week before R.I.P. XI ends, so I’m tossing that show into my list.  A couple of new shows sound intriguing:  USA Network’s Falling Water debuts in October, so it qualifies; SyFy has something creepy called Channel Zero featuring no one whose name I recognized, and Anne Heche (!) in Aftermath, both coming toward the end of September.  The show I’m awaiting most anxiously, though, is Westworld, which premieres October 2.  I love the movie, and can’t wait to see HBO’s extended look into this deadly theme park.

RIP 9 Peril the Second

I wavered on the rest of the reading challenges, and finally settled on Peril The Second, in which I pledge to read at least two books that fall into the specified categories.  This year, I will read the final volume in the Dark Tower series, aptly named The Dark Tower.  It’s been languishing on Mt. TBR for several years.  Now that the movie series is in development (with Idris Elba as Roland!!!), it’s time to finish the story.  The other book for this challenge will either be The Dead Lands by Benjamin Percy or The House By The Churchyard by Sheridan Le Fanu.  We’ll figure out which one when we get there.

RIP 11Want to play? Please do! It will be lots of fun! Click that badge over there to be taken to the Stainless Steel Droppings blog and the sign-up blog entry.  You won’t be sorry.


7 thoughts on “R.I.P. 11 –The Plan

  1. Enjoy the Ray Bradbury! I haven’t read much of his writing, but I read his short story “Dark they were and golden-eyed” in grade school and haven’t stopped thinking about it even today. It was just that good. I really should make time to explore more of his work!


  2. 100 stories! That is a massive Bradbury collection. Wow!

    Love your list, particularly in the Peril on the Screen area. Makes me want to plan a little better for what I want to watch, because the time will slip by quickly.

    Thank you for taking part again, I appreciate it.


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