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Speaking of reading challenges…

2016SFFChallengeLet’s read some award winners!

I caught wind of this challenge to read books that won major science fiction or fantasy awards by way of Chris Pontius over at Exploding Steamboats.  Chris and I go back, way back, to our BookCrossing days. I’m no longer an active participant there, although recently I registered and released some books after a coffeeshop visit with Alice.  (Should have blogged about that, but see my recent post about blogging slumps.)


Reading challenge.  First one hosted by Shaunesay at The Space Between, who is also a BookCrosser (and whose blog I am now following), and who recently decided that Award Winning Science Fiction and Fantasy deserved its own challenge.  Go read this post to find out why.

Luckily, I have several unread Hugo and Nebula winners already on my bookshelves, so I didn’t even have to buy new books.  That makes the spouse happy.

Gateway Cover  Neuromancer Cover

Man In The High Castle  Windup Girl 

Frederick Pohl has been on my list to read forever.  It’s coincidental that I purchased Gateway yesterday while visiting the Half Price Books that recently opened near me. (Okay, so I bought one new book.  Don’t tell spouse.)

William Gibson’s Neuromancer has long been on Mt. TBR. I’ve dipped my toe in only one other Gibson (Count Zero).  It’s past time to read the novel that initiated the cyberpunk subgenre.

Likewise, The Wind-Up Girl has occupied space on my bookshelf for several years.  I read The Water Knife last year and kicked myself for not having read Bacigalupi sooner, even though it was sitting right here in my house.

I bought The Man in the High Castle a couple of years ago when Amazon first piloted their TV series based on the novel. (It’s marvelous, by the way.  If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you must see it.)  I have only read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? previously, although several of Phillip K. Dick’s short stories and novellas are on my Kindle.

This challenge fits in nicely as an extension of the R.I.P 11 Challenge (hosted by Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings).  These four novels are a good start, and put me at the Ursa Major Challenge level.  If time permits, I’ll read more.  It’s not like I don’t have other SF/fantasy award winners waiting to be read — or even re-read.  We shall see.