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Don’t tell me to calm down

Don’t even think about it, because I will smack you upside the head so hard you’ll wish you never learned to speak.

Do you know what happened Wednesday?  After the nation learned that the Orange Narcissist will become our next President?  I’ll tell you what happened.

One of my friends posted this on Facebook:

Good lord, this is nerve-wracking.  List of reasons to be concerned:  I’m a woman, a bisexual, married to a trans person, and I have mental health issues.  Many of the people who mean the most to me in the world are POC, LGBT, or have mental illness or developmental or physical disabilities.  All of us struggle, but many of them struggle with poverty-level income and serious unmet healthcare needs.  Many more have healthcare thanks to one provision of ACA or another, which they could lose.  So very much is at stake.

She later hid the post from view and told me she’s pretty scared of everything right now.

Another friend told me his mother had been verbally accosted while shopping in a Tennessee Wal-Mart:  “We won!  Now all you fucking niggers have to go back to Africa!”

Still another friend, with a longstanding health issue, has been unemployed long-term and relies on her health plan through the Affordable Care Act to pay for lifesaving medication and the frequent doctor visits she requires. She’s so terrified the ACA will be repealed that she’s suicidal.

A fourth friend, also with a pre-existing medical condition, and who recently lost her job, is in the same predicament.

A fifth friend, Hispanic, married to an African-American, with three mixed-race children, worries how she is going to explain to her daughter what happened, and is frightened for her teenage sons’ safety.

Each of these wonderful beautiful vibrant people lives in a different part of the country.  Each of them lives in a “red” state.  Each of them is now afraid to be who they are in their own country.

Those of you who voted for the man?  This is what you have wrought.

He is a racist.
He is a xenophobe.
He is a sexist.
He is an Islamophobe.
He is a homophobe.
He is a self-confessed sexual predator.

That’s what you voted for.  That was what you wanted in a leader.

But wait.  There’s more. 

His vice-president thinks electrocution will shock gay people into being straight.

May the gods help us all.


Mild mannered government employee and part-time actor, fiendishly obsessed with yarn, books, and Doctor Who, much to her husband's chagrin.

4 thoughts on “Don’t tell me to calm down

  1. I don’t know how I missed this, but it just showed up in my email. These were the reasons I had to make the decision to basically shut down my Facebook. I co-manage a couple of pages so I couldn’t leave it completely, and it wasn’t my Trump-voting friends and relatives who did me in. I ignore them for the most part. It was the comments ranging from anxiety to terror of the people I care about. This outcome feels catastrophic to them, and I take that seriously. I don’t want to read the “there, there” and “it’ll be all right” comments of people who just don’t get it.

    Things don’t look any better four months later, either.

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  2. Yeah, weird, I just got an email alert for this post yesterday as well.

    Since November, I have been on a blocking spree on social media, and I have disowned countless relatives. I have an uneasy “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy with my new in-laws.

    I’ve spent the last four months thinking surely our systems will kick in and end this nightmare. But I’ve marched and called and written … And I’ve watched as our systems have failed us time after time. I thought things were bad in November. I had no idea.


    1. Apparently I neglected to post it in November, because I found it in my drafts folder yesterday. Sorry! I didn’t even think about it showing up four months late in people’s email.


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