2017 Spring into Horror Read-A-Thon

I almost forgot to join in this annual event! And since horror/thriller/spooky stuff is one of my favorite genres, that would be a shame indeed.

I’m currently about halfway through a re-read of Neil Gaiman‘s American Gods in anticipation of the Starz series (with IAN FUCKING McSHANE as MR. WEDNESDAY!!!!! *swoon*) set to begin on April 30. I’ll probably finish it in the next few days.  Then, who knows what evil lurks in the heart of my bookshelf?


3 thoughts on “2017 Spring into Horror Read-A-Thon

  1. I loved American Gods and I’m SO looking forward to the series. I listened to it on audio earlier this year so I feel like it’s still fresh in my mind. Can’t wait to see how they do with it. The promos look stellar!

    Glad you’re joining in on the readathon!


  2. I still haven’t read American Gods, but I’m hoping to get to it sometime this year. I don’t have Starz, so I guess I’ll just have to wait a long time to watch the show. Do Starz shows ever show up on Netflix eventually?


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