Books Read in 2013

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First Among Sequels

A Red Herring Without MustardThe Eve TreeAgainst the Fall of Night

The Innocent SleepThe GargoyleWake

The WalkGhost in the MachineTrouble in Mudbug

The Second Favorite SonThe Lost ArkSoul Identity

The Gingerbread ManThe Weed That Strings The Hangman's BagJabberwocky

Knitting YarnsBrillianceDeathworld

The Night Also RisesThe Edge of NormalSlaughterhouse-Five

The RoadThe HistorianBreathers

The Haunting of Hill HouseA White Wind BlewThe Enchanted Orchards

The Dark MonkAngels and InsectsThe Nautical Chart

1632Empire FallsThe Hangman's Daughter

Flash ForwardLeft NeglectedWater for Elephants

FlashbackUnder the DomeDisenchanted


And SonsWorld War Z

Fish, Blook & BoneRobopocalypseFinding Serenity

The Night of the GunCrime of PrivilegeCloud Atlas

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