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Had a little excitement around here

I was going to post this as a WIP-Wednesday post, with myself as the Work In Progress, but that would have meant taking a picture of me. So, nope.

Well, I guess I could have used an old one. In fact, here it is:

Anyway, I say work in progress because….

I just got promoted! And we’re moving to Atlanta! In less than a month! Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

See, back in May, I interviewed for my dream job as an IVT instructor in our regional office. IVT stands for Interactive Video Training; it’s the way my federal agency trains new employees, via intra-agency satellite television channels. I was one of five people interviewed (out of a nationwide pool of applicants, so I was just thrilled I even got that far). Time went on and went on and no selection was announced. In July, I emailed the manager who interviewed me to find out if I had missed the selection announcement and he said, no, they’d run into a snag “upstairs” (meaning with our central office in Baltimore), and weren’t actually sure they’d even be able to fill the position. Time went on and went on again, I kept applying for promotions, and last week, I was offered one. I called IVT guy again: “Hey, I’ve just been offered blahblahblah in Birmingham. Before I accept it, I wanted to check with you about the instructor position again.” Same story, different day, he still didn’t know if they could fill the position, he expected to hear very soon, but couldn’t give me a date, and it’s kind of a bird-in-hand situation, and he would understand if I didn’t want to wait any longer. So I accepted the Birmingham position.

Cut to Monday morning. IVT guy calls me and says he finally got the go ahead, he expects to make a selection within the week, and am I still interested? “Well, I already accepted Birmingham,” I told him. “Let me check on a couple of things and I’ll get back to you.” I talked to my boss, I talked to my husband, I called IVT guy back and said, “IF you were to offer me the position within the next couple of days, before the agency spends any money on the Birmingham transfer, then yes, I’m still open.”

Tuesday morning, he offered me the position. I literally danced all the way back to my manager’s office while I was still on the phone, and bounced up and down like a kid. Once the call was over, I shouted “IVT!!!!” and whooped, in a very unprofessional manner. My manager high-fived me, and I’ve been walking on a cloud ever since.

Of course, I had to call Birmingham and tell them I changed my mind, but that was virtually painless. In fact, the manager there said she didn’t blame me, she’d have taken IVT too if she were in my shoes.

We have so much to do: clean this house from top to bottom, make minor repairs, have it appraised, hope the government makes us a good offer on it (yes, the government will buy my house because I’m being transferred by government request), find temporary housing, leave my husband and other critters behind for several weeks while the movers and other arrangements are finalized, find a new house somewhere within a reasonable commuting distance of downtown Atlanta, hope escrow closes in less than 90 days (since we’re probably going to buy a house in a short sale), and hope to get moved into the new house by Christmas.

I will either not be knitting at all for the next few months, or I’ll be knitting like crazy so I don’t go crazy.

But OMG, y’all. I finally have the job of my dreams!