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Look, actual knitting content!

Recent blog entries have been so focused on my participation in reading challenges that you may be forgiven if you forgot this was also a yarn crafting blog. Yes, I have been knitting as well as reading over the last couple of months.  I finished a cowl of my own design a few weeks ago, but (as usual) have yet to write up the pattern and photograph the finished item.  Someday soon.  Pinky swear.

After finishing the cowl, I started working on a Christmas stocking for a friend’s baby.  Here’s the progress so far.


Yes, you’re right. That is indeed a crappy cell phone photo. I texted my friend with it to show her the progress, and then decided a blog entry was in order as well. And there you have it. Actual knitting content.

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Christmas Eve, and all is well.

2013 Christmas 4Wow. It’s been a month since I updated this blog. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s been a blur around here. But I can spare a few moments from housecleaning before our guests arrive today to wish you all the merriest of Holiday Seasons and happiness in the New Year to come.

Eventually, knit items and book reviews will show up once more. In the meantime: