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WIP Wednesday: Apparently I have become a shawl person

Tardis shawl 6A couple of years ago, I made my first shawl (Bigger on the Inside) (pictured at left) because it was Whovian and thus irresistible.  But I insisted that I was not a shawl person.  I didn’t wear shawls, except on the rare occasions spouse and I attended an event that involved wearing a Little Black Dress (or a red one, in my case).  And then I discovered I quite liked those little lace crescent-shaped scarf-like shawls and the small triangular shawlettes: they were perfect for covering my head and warming my neck in winter while waiting for the MARTA train.

Flash forward to the present, take a look at my recent WIP and FO posts, and what do you find?  Shawls.  And shawls.  And more shawls.  It’s official.  I am now a shawl person.

Le Weekend 1So it’s fitting that today’s WIP is another shawl.  I’ve been trying to find the right pattern for this purple variegated yarn for quite some time.  Le Weekend (a free Ravelry pattern) must be the third or fourth pattern I’ve tried, and so far I’m very pleased with how it looks.

I’m still seaming the Tunisian Terror.  You won’t see any more pics of that beast until it’s finished.  I also started and finished another scarf over the long weekend, and that will be the subject of a Freshly Finished Friday post later this week.

Stitch Along WednesdayThis post is part of the Stitch-Along Wednesday link-up hosted by Gracey’s Goodies.  Click that badge over there to see who else is busy stitching away.  Also check out Shadow’s Knit Knacks for more WIP Wednesday goodness.

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FO Friday: Estonian Lace and Furlough Day 4

I’m lacking just two or three rounds of being finished with the baby blanket I blogged about on Wednesday, and if I waited to post an FO Friday entry until late this evening, I could add it to today’s accomplishment. But there’s no guarantee I’ll have anything for next Friday if I do that, so you’re stuck. Or I’m stuck, I should say.

Despair not, however, because I got up early this morning to block my Estonian lace scarf.

Blocking Lily 1

I finished the knitting on it two weeks ago, and it had been sitting in a crumpled pile on my sewing table ever since. Wait. Didn’t I say that last week about the Button Back Shrug? Yes. I did. I’m detecting a pattern here. Um. Pressing on… last night before I went to bed, I tossed the scarf into a sink full of water in the upstairs bath and let it soak overnight. This morning, I was wide awake before 6, so I dragged myself out of bed, made coffee, let the dogs out, and trudged upstairs to squeeze the water out of the scarf and towel dry it.

Blocking Lily 2Back downstairs for coffee and then upstairs again into the guest bedroom — which is the only room in the house the pets are kept from — to lay out my blocking squares. It took maybe 20 minutes to carefully insert the blocking wires, another 10 or 15 minutes to pin out, and then back downstairs to eat breakfast and watch the last three episodes of Doctor Who Season 6 on Netflix. (Yes, I’ve seen them before, but I’m prepping for the 50th Anniversary Episode to be aired on November 23rd. I’ll start Season 7 again, either this evening or tomorrow. Or maybe this afternoon if I finish up Doctor Sleep.)

Spouse and I took the doggies for a walk around noonish. (Aren’t you loving all the minutiae of my day? This is what happens when Congress refuses to fund my job. I obsess over the details of my daily existence instead of the details of DOING MY JOB!) By the time we came home, the scarf was dry, thanks in large part to the ceiling fan in the guest bedroom. After unpinning, we were ready for our photoshoot.

Lily Scarf 5
Pattern: Lily of the Valley Scarf, from Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush
Yarn: Classic Elite Mountain Top Vail, colorway #6403 Steel, 2 skeins
Needle: Size 3 Hiya Hiya circular
Mods: None, really, except for the extra pattern repeats. I knitted until the yarn was nearly gone, using approx 450 yards.
Finished size: Approx 10″ by 57″
Satisfaction with finished product: I love it. It’s light and airy, but the alpaca in the yarn makes it warm and cozy at the same time. It’s long enough that I can wrap it around my head and neck to keep my ears warm — always a concern when winter’s in full force, because a cold wind gives me excruciatingly painful earaches. It’s dressy enough with that gorgeous lace pattern to wear simply as decoration for an evening out. In short, the best scarf ever. Well, except for my Bigger on the Inside shawlette.

d1010-fofridayYou can see more pics — well, actually, several variations of the same pic — on my Ravelry project page, but only if you’re a Ravelry member. Oh, and in case you didn’t know this, you can click on the pics in this post to make them bigger. AND you can see more FOs by clicking that badge over there. Do it! You know you want to.

And now I get to cast on for something new! What to choose, what to choose…

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4KCBWDay6 — A Tool to Covet

2013 Blog Week Banner

Write about your favourite knitting or crochet (or spinning, etc) tool. It can either be a tool directly involved in your craft (knitting needles or crochet hook) or something that makes your craft more pleasurable – be it a special lamp, or stitch markers. Is it an item that you would recommend to others, and if so for which applications/tasks do you think it is most suited. Conversely, do you have a tool/accessory that you regret buying? Why does it not work for you?
I started writing this blog post this morning, before spouse and I set out for the day to attend a street fair in one of Atlanta’s historic neighborhoods. My intention was to wax rhapsodic about the three sets of Addi Clicks I bought a couple of years ago at Stitches South: Addi Turbo, Addi Lace, and Addi Natura.

The Doctor Bag
The Doctor Bag
But then we left the house and went to the Inman Park Festival. So what you get now about the Addis is this: I love them. I use them every day. And while over on the Addi site to get the links, I discovered there’s a new set of long Addi Lace Clicks with lifelines that will now have to become part of my toolkit.

So why did the object of my adoration suddenly change? See that photo over to the right? Yeah. Because I Found That.

A messenger bag. With a TARDIS. And little pins with caricatures of all eleven Doctor incarnations. *swoon*

The Doctors!  On buttons!
The Doctors! On buttons!
Nerd heaven. Made of heavy-duty canvas and industrial-strength webbing and hardware, with a pocket on each end, two pockets under the flap, a zippered pocket on the inside, and more room than should be allowed by law in the main compartment, this is the project bag to end all project bags. Not to mention it will make a great commute bag, with space for a wallet, makeup bag, Kindle, cell phone, lunch bag, water bottle, dress shoes, and book on those days I decide to read on paper instead of on a screen. Or if I’m leaving the reading at home, a portable knitting project, instead.

My mother gave me a commute bag for Christmas, which I really like and have used a lot since she gave it to me, but it’s not quite big enough for all the stuff I carry, so I usually ended up carrying the commute bag AND a handbag AND sometimes my lunch bag, which can be a bit much to juggle on a crowded train. This bag, I believe, will be the sturdy all-in-one bag I didn’t know I wanted.

Should you covet a Doctor Who messenger bag of your own, you can contact Third Half Studios in Atlanta. They don’t have the bags on their website, but I bet they have a couple somewhere. Plus they have all kinds of other nerdy cool stuff too.

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4KCBWDay5 — Something A Bit Different

2013 Blog Week Banner
It’s the annual challenge to blog in a way different to how you normally blog. You may choose to create a podcast, or vlog, create a wordless post or write in verse. You’ve already stretched your wings with an infographic, now it’s time to freestyle. You can post on any topic you like, but be sure to post in a style different from your usual blog presentation.
I think this was the topic upon which I crapped out last time I participated in KCBW. To quote the phrase currently going around my office as we frantically prepare for our upcoming class: “Ain’t nobody got time fer that!”

Seriously. No time. If this were tomorrow’s — that is, Saturday’s — topic, then, yes, I could probably find the time to “do something different.” You know what you get from me on a Friday evening after a long week?


BUT. I found a couple of things on YouTube that are completely different from the usual content of this blog, which contain no yarn content whatsoever but still apply to my obsessions outside fibercraft. Would you like to meet The Doctor? Of course you would.

And then there’s Sherlock

Stephen Moffat, if you’re out there, when is Season Three coming?!?!

Oh! And one more thing. Maybe even the best thing. Wholock.

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FO Friday: I Wear A Shawl Now, Shawls Are Cool

You know what? I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves. 🙂

On the blocking wires
Look at all those TARDISes lined up in a row.
I may need a shawl pin to wear it draped around my shoulders.
Of course, I can always wear it wrapped around my neck.

I had a great time making this shawl. The yarn is gorgeous and feels lovely while I worked with it and afterward in the finished product. I was pleasantly surprised by the Hiya Hiya needles, which I bought at the last minute because I didn’t have any size 3 Addis, and my local yarn store was out of stock of that size in the Addi circs, but had Hiya Hiya instead. So, while I’m not about to abandon my beloved Addis, I find I often need circulars in a size smaller than a 4. So I’m considering buying a set of the Hiya Hiya interchangeable circs in the smaller sizes.

Clicky the badgy to see what other folks have finished this week!