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Book review: The Honor of the Queen by David Weber

The Honor of the Queen (Honor Harrington, #2)The Honor of the Queen by David Weber

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A solid action-packed SF tale filled with military hardware and battle strategy. Great stuff for those folks who appreciate naval battles and C.S. Forester/Patrick O’Brian tales. Not so great for those who don’t. Like me.

Okay, I like Honor Harrington and think she’s a great character. She’s especially outstanding in the genre of Military SF, in that she’s a high-ranking military official in charge of a battleship, respected by her crew, and unafraid to make the tough decisions. This story in particular makes the point that Honor being a woman is a hindrance in certain corners of space; the very fact of her femaleness drives a good many plot points hinging on the misogyny and chauvinism of the planet she is charged to defend.

Social commentary aside, I’m still not an aficionado of technobabble about hardware and military strategy. So, while I give kudos to David Weber for his feminism in action, I won’t be visiting Honor in space again.

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