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5KCBWDay7 — Looking Back, Looking Forward

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Blog prompt: Look back on last year’s Day Seven post. Did any of the techniques, ideas and hopes for the last 12 months that you wrote about ever make it onto the hook or needles? Did anyone cast on and complete the project researched in last year’s Day 2 post? One year from now, where do you hope your crafting will have taken you to? What new skills, projects and experiences do you hope you might have conquered or tried?

Last year I discussed several things:

  • Making the cardigan worn by the little girl in the movie The Fall.
  • Organizing my craft room
  • Attempting Fair Isle
  • Attempting Tunisian
  • Making sock puppets for my friend based on a photograph

Success rate? 60%. I achieved three out of the five goals. Behold the craft room:

Craft Room 1

And the Tunisian:

Mom's Tunisian 9

And those sock puppets, which got their own dating profile in this year’s Blog Week Extravaganza:

Avatars 1

For next year, I’m putting Fair Isle and The Fall Cardigan back on this list. Also, I want to finally write up and publish the pattern for a pair of fingerless mitts I designed as a gift several years ago.

San Luis Mitts

I’ve gotten multiple requests for this pattern, but have procrastinated writing it up for so long that I may have lost my initial notes on the project. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because I originally designed the mitts in a bulky yarn and have since decided a lesser-weight yarn is a better choice.

Magazine Review: Vogue Knitting, Spring/Summer 2009Blog content-wise, I’m considering a return to magazine reviews. I pared my knit and crochet magazine subscriptions down to two (from a high of seven), Rowan and Vogue Knitting. Back when I had so many subscriptions, I was trying to review each magazine as it came in. That meant upwards of 30 magazine reviews per year, which resulted in a stack of unread issues sitting next to the computer, giving me guilt. I don’t need more guilt, thank you very much, so I stopped the reviews. Vogue and Rowan only may be manageable: Rowan publishes two issues per year, and Vogue publishes five (six if you count the special crochet issue, but that’s not included in the subscription). Rowan CoverWriting timely reviews will require a certain amount of self-discipline. I’m not good with self-discipline, and I need to be, because the next step for this blog — not next year, but within the next five — is to turn it into something that generates a little income. That means content other than me running my mouth about my latest project or the last book I read. It means patterns and tutorials mainly; perhaps little stuffies, if I ever design any. I don’t expect to make excessive bank here, just enough to cover the domain fees.

And that’s quite enough ambition for my little corner of the interwebz.

As Blog Week draws to a close, I just want to say I appreciate each and every one of you who’ve dropped by during this past week. I found a few new bloggers to follow and hope at least one or two of you enjoyed my articles as much as I’ve enjoyed yours. See you around! And y’all come back now, y’hear?

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5KCBWDay2 (Blog Week Day 2) — Dating Profile

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Blog prompt: Write a dating profile for one of your projects.

Hi! We’re The Avatars of They!

Avatars 4

Green Avatar: We’re a year old and, although we may not look it, we’re twins! We were created because one of avanta’s friends, who’s a huge They Might Be Giants fan, asked for us.

Blue Avatar: And we’re loco.

Green: Hush, this is a dating profile, Blue, we’re trying to find dates. You don’t get a date by telling people you’re loco.

Blue: But we are. We even have a video that says so.

Green: Okay, so now that our secret identities as rock stars are out there in our dating profile, we might as well tell you we’re not looking for a long-term commitment.

Blue: Nope, our touring schedule won’t allow that. Plus our usual method of travel involves being packed in a suitcase, so there’s limited space for significant others to come along.

Green: We like music…

Blue: Obviously.

Green: And sushi, and orange juice, and traveling…

Blue: And waxed paper cups for hats. Where is my hat, by the way? Have you seen it?

Avatars 2

Green: Nope.

Blue: Are you sure?

Green: Yes. Now hush up about the hat. Let’s finish our profile.


Green: Stop sulking. Okay, so we don’t like sticking around in one place for long.

Blue: And we don’t really like having people’s hands stuck up our…

Green: Blue!

Blue: Well, we don’t. But it’s a necessary evil. Because otherwise, we look like this.

Avatars 5

Green: Anyway, we’re looking for dates who are willing to overlook the handlers that come along with us everywhere. And who don’t mind our itinerary and infrequent visits to your town.

Blue: So if you like the rock-n-roll lifestyle and are emotionally equipped to handle one-night stands with Avatars who love you one night and leave you the next, email us!

Green: We promise to respond the next time we’re scheduled to appear within 100 miles of your location.

Bwahahahhaha!!! That's a good one!
Bwahahahhaha!!! That’s a good one!