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Freshly Finished: Silver Marigold

Silver Marigold 1

Pattern: Marigold by Marie Wallin (from Rowan 45)

Yarn: Naturally Caron Spa, colorway 0008 Misty Taupe, approximately 836 yards

Needles:  Addi Turbo circs, US 5 for the body; Hiya Hiya steel circs, US 3 for the ribbing of the neck and button band; Karbonz DPNs, US 3 for the ribbing on the sleeves

Size: 36″

Satisfaction with end product:  I love this.  It’s light and drapy. It fits and feels great.  Click here for my Ravelry project page.

The pattern calls for US 2 (for ribbing) and US 3 (for body) needles, but I couldn’t get gauge with the US 3, so I went up to a US 5 for the body and saved the US 3 for the ribbing.

Silver Marigold 3The raglan shaping gave me fits.  I had to rip out the shaping on the back three times before finally figuring out the pattern instructions. The pattern reads like there’s an extra decrease on each knit side. Nor does it make clear not to decrease on the purl side as previously established for several of the sizes. Reading through the pattern, this language is repeated for all raglan shaping. To be clear, the raglan shaping is as follows: Dec 1 at each end of each right (knit) side row as established (that is, k6, ssk, k to last 8, k2tog, k6; follow instructions for eyelet row as established); do not dec on back (purl) side.

Silver Marigold 4And it wasn’t just the shaping on the back.  The sleeve gave me fits too. After tearing my hair out and then letting sleeve #1 sit overnight, I re-read the shaping instructions for the top bit. I guess the designer condensed the instructions for publication due to Rowan space restrictions. I wrote it out line by line for clarity.

This isn’t the first Rowan pattern I’ve made, but it’s the first pattern that wasn’t an accessory, like a hat or a scarf.  The, um, brevity of the instructions gives me some pause about tackling other cardigans and pullovers.  I mean, I muddled through, and the sweater turned out fine, but it was a headache for a while.  I don’t knit to give myself headaches.  Knitting is my soothing activity.

Regardless, the knitting was finished sometime in May, and then the sweater sat in pieces for months.  Well, it did get some use as a prop in Evelyn In Purgatory, but mostly it sat.  Finally, in early September, I finished the seaming, added the front and neck bands, sewed on the button and called it good. I opted out of the embroidery after realizing how easily this yarn snags.  I’ve already worn it a couple of times.  It’s suitable for casual weekend wear and for the office.  So, I love it, despite the PITA it was to make.


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FO Friday: I’m a wanderer. Yes, I’m a wanderer. I roam around around around around.

Spouse as model.
Spouse as model.
So, the Wanderer Scarf is finished. Feast your eyes upon the beauty!

The scarf, I mean. Although my husband the model is awfully handsome, too. 🙂

Pattern: Wanderer Scarf by Martin Storey
Yarn: Rowan Soft Tweed (discontinued), colorway Twig, 5 skeins (435 yards)
Needles: Addi Turbo US 11
Finished size: Approximately 6 inches wide and 8 feet long
Satisfaction with end product: I think it’s wonderful. The texture is amazing, and it’s cushiony soft and warm. I hope its intended recipient will like it.

Here are a few other pictures that show the texture in more detail.

If you click the pic, you can see them full size.

Wanderer Scarf 10Wanderer Scarf 7Wanderer Scarf 6

And now, for your amusement, here are pics of spouse being silly with stereotypical catalog model poses.

Wanderer Scarf 3 Wanderer Scarf 4

With goofiness like this in my house on a daily basis, is it any wonder I keep him around?

7cde9-fofridayThis post is part of the FO Friday roundup, hosted by Tami’s Amis. Click that badge over there to see what other folks have finished this week.

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Wish book

Rowan 45 landed in my mailbox the other day.

This is my 3rd Rowan book, and I've loved every single one of them.  The photography, the locations, and above all the gorgeous knits.  Okay, many of the pieces are completely unsuitable for my body structure, or can only be viewed as art pieces rather than wearable, functional clothing, but they're beautiful nonetheless.  I spend hours with each new issue, poring over each page and imagining how it would feel to make such a spectacular garment.

One day, I'll actually make one of those fabulous pieces.  Until that day, I have my wish books.

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Jawbreaker cardi, complete

This morning I found the perfect single button for the Jawbreaker Cardigan, and sewed it on this afternoon.  Behold, the loveliness of my sister's Christmas present:

Jawbreaker Cardigan #3

Here's a closeup of the pretty little button:

Jawbreaker Cardigan #4

I feel so accomplished!

Pattern:  Jawbreaker Cardigan by Kendra Cray from Interweave Knits Winter 2006
Size: 37 1/2"
Yarn:  Rowan Plaid in "Moonlight Wave", 6 balls (the last ball was used solely for the collar; about half the skein remained when finished)
Needle size:  Size 11 for the ribbing, Size 13 for the body.  The pattern calls for size 10.5 for the ribbing and 11 for the body, but I knit tightly and had to go up a size to achieve gauge.
Satisfaction with end product:  *beam*  I like it!  I hope Sis does.  (I hope it fits her.)

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Hoodie for Christmas

Weaving in those pesky ends, done!

Bobby's Christmas hoodie #1

Hoodie for one of my nephews.

PatternHooded Sweater #10520 from Lion Brand Free Patterns.
Size: Adult small
Yarn:  Rowan Plaid in "Spicy", 7 balls

That makes two, count 'em, two, Christmas presents done!  And it's not even September!

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Rowan has entered the building

Recently, and courtesy of Ravelry, I discovered Rowan, and instantly became smitten with their patterns and their yarn.  I subscribed to their pattern book, and my first copy arrived in the mail yesterday.

Rowan 43

With it came this nifty little lapel pin.

Rowan pin

Which I will probably never wear, but it's a cool gimmick.

Eagerly, I paged through the magazine and found many lovely spring-time patterns which were immediately added to my queue at Ravelry.  Prediction:  I'll never run out of projects.  And the money I spend on yarn will increase dramatically.  These patterns are too gorgeous to make up in run-of-the-mill acrylic.  They cry out for linen and silk and bamboo and cotton.

Speaking of run-of-the-mill acrylic, however, Jordan's cardigan has reached its penultimate stage:  making the eyelet yoke.

Jordan's sweater #4

Assuming I master the art of eyelet, this project will be ready to send off to the little darling in the next couple of weeks.  Of course, she won't need it until Autumn, so I'll probably hang on to it until her kindergarten class starts and her birthday is nigh.

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