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How towing my husband’s truck meant I bought more yarn

We’ve been having car trouble. More specifically, truck trouble. My husband’s pickup had developed a nasty tic…in that he could start the thing, drive for about a mile, and stall. Not good.

The offending machinery

What’s even less good? The nearest Dodge dealer is 30 miles away. Our car insurance covers towing (yay!), but we have to submit the bill for reimbursement (boo!), which means we fork out the bucks up front and wait…wait…wait…for a check. *sigh* Still, it had to be fixed. And spouse manages a retail store and has flaky employees. It’s up to me to get things done. Thus, last Saturday morning, bright and early, a tow truck driver came to the house, yanked my husband’s truck up by its rear axle, and $117 and 45 minutes later, the truck and I are at the Dodge dealer.

Lamar, the tow truck driver, and I had a nice chat on the way down: tornadoes and the vagaries of fate, the politics of towing, and how much he loves his job. Good man. I’m glad I met him. He dropped the pickup off behind the dealership service department, we waved goodbye, and I went inside to speak to the service writer.

Five minutes later I was back outside, getting in Mom’s car (she had followed us) to go home. “They’re backed up,” I said. “They won’t even be able to look at it until Tuesday, and it probably won’t be ready until Friday.”

My father and uncle were out of town, leaving an extra vehicle available until at least Wednesday. Sunday evening, spouse and I retrieved the extra vehicle and he drove it to work this week. Yesterday morning, the dealership told us the truck would be ready that afternoon; and Mom called to say Daddy and Uncle Earl would be back that night, and they needed the other car back. Timing is everything, and this time, for once, all the timing worked out.

I corralled my friend Susie, we both left work early yesterday and she drove me to the dealership and dropped me off.

The repair bill was slightly less than expected — always a good thing. Less than 15 minutes later, truck and I were back on the road headed home.

I don’t drive spouse’s truck very often, and all its knobs and gizmos, like lights and cruise control, are in unaccustomed places. While I was driving through town, I was fiddling with this, and adjusting that, and trying to find NPR on the radio dial, and somehow I managed to miss the turnoff for the highway home. Just cruising along, listening to All Things Considered…slowly, ever so slowly, the surrounding not-quite-familiar countryside seeped into my consciousness and…and…oh wait! That’s the Army base! How did I get here?

I was headed east, not north. Right about then, I recognized a familiar round-about intersection and realized I was in downtown Jacksonville and oh look! The yarn store. The cosmos had decided I needed to buy more yarn and steered me to The Taming of the Ewe. Oh, thank you, cosmos. I yield to your divine authority.

I tamed my wallet to the tune of some $40. Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2011 (which they weren’t actually supposed to sell until September 6, I think, so don’t tell anyone), and two skeins of Cascade Ultra Pima.
Cascade Ultra Pima

It was fate. Really. If I hadn’t had to tow my husband’s pickup, I never would have bought that yarn. Honest. Pinky swear and everything. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

BTW, I knew spouse wouldn’t go for such a tale. So I didn’t tell him. Eventually, he’ll notice the yarn. By then, I’ll be able to say, “Oh, honey, I’ve had that yarn for ages!”

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Saturday is clean-up day

Spouse has a rare Saturday off. Which we will spend together, cleaning the house. And so I present to you an entry sans yarn content.

The dogs, pretending they are harmless and innocent.
Cuteness times two
If you look closely, you will notice they are lying on a towel which is covering my blocking squares. This is my excuse for taking so long to block anything.

Us, before we went out to dinner on Valentine’s Day.
Valentine's Day 2011

The cats were snuggled up together on the couch last night, which is a rarity. Unfortunately, it was late, I was on my way to bed, and I didn’t feel like grabbing the camera. So here’s an old picture of them snuggled together on the recliner.
Snuggle kitties forever

Thank you for your attention. 🙂

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I don’t know if I have the words…

…to do justice to the conversation spouse and I just had.

While perusing a forum on Ravelry, I ran across a link on making one's own custom dressform.  Now, I've wanted a custom dressform forever but the cost is prohibitive.  Plus, what happens if my weight changes dramatically?  This, I thought, was a grand idea, and economical, too: in case of drastic change in my figure (which, in truth, I'm working on), a new form could be made easily because, seriously, how much does duct tape cost?

So I carried my laptop into the living room.  "Honey, I need you to help me do something.  Maybe on Sunday."

"What?" says my beloved.

"This!" say I, and plop the laptop in front of his face with the above dressform link displayed onscreen.

The expression on his face was priceless.  A combination of amazement, incredulity, puzzlement, and utter bewilderment.  "What. Is. That?"

"A dressform.  I need you to wrap me up in duct tape to make a custom dressform that I can use to fit my knit and crochet projects."

"Wha…wha…you want me to…what?!"

I explained again.  "Oh no," he said.  "Hell, no.  [Expletive deleted, but it began with F], no.  I am not buying a hundred dollars worth of duct tape so you can be wrapped up to make a body double.  Why don't I just go buy plaster and cover you in that?"

"Well, the instructions for a plaster dressform are here, too, but I don't want one of those.  It would cost more than the duct tape."

Again with the amazed incredulous puzzled bafflement.  "You've got to be kidding me.  A plaster…You have instructions?"  A pause.  "You seriously want me to wrap you in duct tape.  To make a dressform.  For your knitting projects."

"And crocheting.  Yes.  It'll be fun!"

Again with the "Oh, no. Hell, no," and so forth.  And around we went once more.  Then somehow he got onto the subject of me becoming my mother (which is true, although my mother has also never had a dressform nor has she ever asked her spouse [my father] to wrap her in duct tape, at least not to my knowledge), and that I should call my mother right now and tell her something, I don't know what, I wasn't really clear on that part, because by this time I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my face and my sides ached and I could no longer hear anything he said.

He was just. So. Indignant!  And insistent.  He absolutely will not wrap me in duct tape.  Not no way, not no how.

*sigh*  So. No duct-tape dressform for me.  But the expression on spouse's face plus the belly-busting side-splitting laughing fit was worth the rejection of that particular idea.

And maybe I can talk one of my girlfriends into a duct-tape party…

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