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A couple of finished projects to display‚Ķ

First, I'll show you the pretty one:

Blue Petunia Bag, complete

Pattern:  Petunia Tote by Katie Himmelberg, from Interweave Knits Spring 2007
Yarn:  Bernat Gloucester Sport (I'd link to it, but it's discontinued) in French Blue, 660 yards
Satisfaction with end result:  I really like it.  It's the perfect spring/summer casual running around town bag. The lining really sets it off, as you can see in the picture below.

Blue Petunia Bag with lining

In fact, here's the entire bag turned inside out, so everyone can see the fabulous lining fabric.

Blue Petunia Bag, inside out

The fabric is half a yard of a 60" rayon challis purchased from JoAnn.  Other than that, I can't tell you a thing about it.

The only modification to the pattern was making the strap somewhat shorter than the pattern dictated.  I'm not tall, you see, and didn't want the bag to hang down to my knees when worn slung across my shoulder.  Additionally, I'm thinking about adding a magnetic closure at the top.  I'll carry the bag around for a while before making a final decision.

Now, the not-so-pretty one.  I finally finished spouse's Treads socks from Son of Stitch and Bitch.  The cuffs turned out beautifully:

Treads cuffs

The rest of the socks, not so much:

Treads socks
Yarn:  Cascade's Heritage in #5601 Black, approximately 656 yards (approx. 1.5 skeins)

The foot is so wide you'd think I made them for a hobbit.  My fault totally.  I didn't pay attention to gauge.  If I had, I'd have realized I was using the wrong size needle (a 2 instead of a 0).  Even then I probably could have saved them if I had decreased across the instep when I turned the heel.  Instead, spouse ended up with a baggy, saggy, shapeless pair of socks.  I told him it wouldn't hurt my feelings if he never wore them outside the house.  Note to self: not all sock patterns are created equal.  One must pay attention to the damn pattern while knitting the foot!

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