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Speaking of those Treads socks once again, somehow I managed to decrease to 48 stitches on one heel while simultaneously decreasing to 46 stitches on the other heel, neither of which is correct.  The stitch count should have been 50.  So, brilliant yet lazy knitter that I am, I decided I would drop the stitches along the gusset decrease line and pick them back up again without the K2tog bit until I achieved the proper stitch count.

Bad idea.

First, I dropped too many stitches.  Darn that fine fingering-weight yarn and tight knitting!  Then, when I started picking up those dropped stitches, I somehow twisted one of the strands in such a manner that I have one strand left over when the stitches are picked up.  And the stitch count still isn't coming out right.  All of which means I now need to do what I should have done in the first place:  tink back several rows until I'm past my brilliantly screwed-up solution, check the number of stitches at that point, and knit it again until I achieve nirvana, um, 50 stitches on each heel.


The socks are now having a time out in the spare bedroom while I work on my mindless stockinette cardigan with the fabulous self-striping yarn.

Duo Cardigan #1

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