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New blog entry, with actual yarn content!

With all the rehearsals going on over the last six months, you would be forgiven for thinking that I’d forgotten how to turn yarn into usable items, much less actually complete anything.

Ha!  I haven’t!

Okay, I didn’t get much accomplished in that time, but there were a couple of things.  First, this baby blanket for a colleague who was expecting his first child was started in November and finished in January.

Mike Blanket 3

Pattern: Taylor Baby Blanket (my original design)
Yarn: Bernat Pipsqueak, in four different colorways (see Ravelry project page for details), approx 275 yards total
Needles: Addi circs, size US 15
Size: Approx 36″ x 24″
Satisfaction with end product: It’s soft and squishy and perfect for a newborn. My colleague and his wife loved it, and that’s the most important thing.

Late last summer I made this tank top.

100_4902 (2)

Pattern: S7365 Damentop mit Ajourmuster by Schachenmayr Design Team (Thankfully, it was available in English)
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Sunseeker Multi in Candy Cane, approx 628 yards
Needles: Addi circulars, US 5 and US 3
Size: Medium (34″/36″)
Mods: Gauge with this yarn was a little wide and tall, so I cast on for the small to get a medium, and began the armholes at row 120 instead of row 148. Did 4 rows garter stitch at bottom edge before beginning lace pattern. Also 4 rows garter stitch at neck edge and armhole edge instead of stockinette. Did not turn over arm and neck edges for a hem. 2 inch shoulder seams instead of 2 cm as called for in the pattern.
Satisfaction with end product: Made for me, and I love it. It’s cool and comfortable and looks pretty good under a jacket, so I can even wear it to work.

You can see a few more pictures on the project page.

And finally, I made this hat in February:


Pattern: #24 Cabled Pompom Hat by Annabelle Speer (from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2012)
Yarn: Schaefer Chris in Pomegranate, approx 215 yards (a now defunct yarn company; this was my last skein)
Needles: Addi circs, US 7
Mods: Smaller pompom due to lack of the appropriate size pompom maker, a situation that has now been remedied
Satisfaction with end product: This was a gift for a friend who helped out the production of Old Love by sending us authentic Tim Horton’s to-go cups from Canada to use in our coffee shop scene. A small detail that the audience probably never noticed, but we did. I think the hat turned out lovely, but more importantly, my friend did too. You can see a few more pics on the Ravelry project page.

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WIP Wednesday, the rerun edition

A work in progress Wednesday report. Go on over to Tami’s blog and see how far everyone else has gotten. As for me, I don’t think I’ll ever finish anything again….

These two blankets need blocking.

As you can see, one of them is on the blocking wires and needs pinning. Maybe I’ll find some motivation after posting this blog entry and do that.

As for the rest…

The Moorish Mosaic Afghan lacks one more big motif, and then I’ll start on the small fill-in motifs.

(No, it’s not a new picture. Sue me.) This is the project that is consuming my evenings. I’ve been on a huge crochet kick recently, but I’m just about ready to drop the crochet hook and pick up the needles again.

Belle Epoque socks:

No progress here.

Windowpane Coat:

Ditto on the progress report.

Delphine Camisole:

Double ditto on progress.

Nothing to Wear to Work shrug:

Still needs blocking.

Pitiful, isn’t it?

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Work in progress Wednesday

Hello, yeah, it’s been a while.  Not much, how ’bout you?

*shakes head*  Whoa.  70s moment.

It’s Wednesday, still, barely, but there’s still time to join in on the WWIP meme.  Sadly, most of the WIPs are the same as the last time I participated in this meme.  Sadder still, I’ve added to them. *hangs head in shame*

Let’s get the oldies out of the way first:
Belle Epoque 1
The Belle Epoque socks are in exactly the same state as they were last time.  Not a single new stitch has been added.  Ditto with the Windowpane coat:
Windowpane 1

And the Delphine tank:
Delphine 2

And the baby blanket:
Spare baby blanket 5

The Sweet Nothing shrug needs blocking:
Sweet Nothing 1
As does the other baby blanket which I failed to take a picture of before sitting down and writing this entry.  In the new stuff, there’s another afghan which has been taking up the majority of my time:

And then there’s this hat I’m designing on the fly because I had only two skeins (about 260 yards) of this fabulous bulky wool and couldn’t find a pattern to suit me:


Loose cables at a large gauge.  The hat should take up about 1 skein of the wool.  I’ll make a matching cowl with the other skein.

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Poppies, poppies, poppies will make them sleep….

Finished last night….I call it my California Poppy:

Ring Around the Posie 2

Pattern: Ring Around the Posie by Tammy Hildebrand from Interweave Crochet Spring 2008.
Yarn: Bamboozle from Crystal Palace Yarns, color Ember Glow, 9 skeins.
Size:  45"
Satisfaction with end product:  LOVE LOVE LOVE!
MODS: Used size K hook because I couldn’t find the J. 11 motifs for side strips; 5 motifs for back center strip; 4 motifs for center front. The extra motifs on side and back strips added necessary length; using 4 motifs for the front gave the finished piece a deeper front neckline which is more flattering to my (ample) figure. Eliminated side gusset and used single crochet for seaming.

The neckline isn’t really crooked: Just before spouse snapped the pic, I had adjusted the straps on the cami under the shirt so they wouldn’t show and accidentally hiked the neck up a tad too much on one side.

I wore it to work today and loved every minute of it.

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Bamboozle top!

The stitch sampler top is finally done!

Project details
Size? Medium.
Yarn?  9 skeins of Crystal Palace Bamboozle in Ember Glow.
Satisfaction with end product?  Meh.

As I've mentioned before, when I first bought the yarn, I was unsure about the color. It seemed much more orange in person than in the LYS catalog. However, as this project proceeded, the color grew on me and became more and more beautiful.  The yarn itself is splitty as hell, and nearly drove me insane in the beginning.  Again, however, as I knitted along, I became accustomed to its idiosyncrasy and learned to like it for the gorgeous stitch definition and springy-ness.

I still love the color and like the yarn. I’m not so crazy about the top itself. In fact, I’m considering frogging it. The yarn was too costly to let this FO sit here, unworn.

Although the top fits well in general, it’s much too short. I’m not a tall person, but the medium size I made stops right at my natural waist. The funky “muscle shirt” sleeve combined with the boxy shape is not flattering on me at all. And the neckline is too high for my taste.  The top itself is fun to knit: a few rows of this, a few rows of that.

If I use this pattern again, I will definitely add more rows in the body; enough to make the basketweave section cover the bust area, with the double seed stitch for the underbust to natural waist, and triangle from waist to high hip. I’d also add some waist shaping to break up the boxiness, and possibly change the sleeves to cap sleeves, or even make them 3/4 length fitted sleeves. I’d lower the neckline as well.

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