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A work in progress…

New blog, new customization stuff to learn. Eventually the yarn content will resume. In the meantime, welcome!

For anyone who may be reading through past entries, several of the most recent are Vox-specific. In particular, I haven’t created any kind of community knit blog here at WordPress.

And I’m rather peeved my Vox comments didn’t import with the rest of the entries….wonder if I should delete them and try again…?

Well, crap.

Vox is shutting down.  Now I have to decide where to move this blog.  Not fair.  At least Six Apart no longer owns LiveJournal.  Otherwise, I'd be really worried.

At least this explains the recent lack of response to the spam reports I've made.

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Welcome to Spam Free Knitting!

I don't know about you, but I got tired of the spam in the other knitting group.  After trying unsuccessfully to reach that group's moderator, I decided to go ahead and make a new group. 

And so, here we are!  Please post pictures of work in progress and finished items, tell us about the patterns you're working on or writing, and share your personal patterns if you wish.  Remember, this is a KNITTING group.  Please post your crochet, beading, photography, or other crafty-but-not-knitting-related entries elsewhere.

Warning:  if you post spam — that is, non-knitting/yarn related entries — to this group, the post will be deleted.  Repeat offenders will be removed from membership and blocked.

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